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*Pensive track information for cover of "Christie Road"

Bass: Sean Scura

Produced by: Lewis & Levinson
Recorded by: Bryan Stratman
Mixed by: Joe Marlett
Mastered by: John Golden

Recorded at: Capricorn Studios, San Diego, CA
Mixed at: Signature Sound, San Diego, CA
Mastered at: John Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA
Manufactured at: Clear Image Companies, Poway, CA

1. Rudiger - 2000 Light Years Away
2. Inspection 12 - F.O.D.
3. Wirebox - When I Come Around
4. Fenway Park - She
5. The Velma Fix - Basket Case
6. Insomniac - Minority
7. Weezer - Worry Rock
8. Taking the Fall - Redundant
9. Wester - J.A.R.
10. Up Syndrome - Going to Pasalacqua
11. Knockout - Burnout
12. McDolly - Macy's Day Parade
13. Pensive - Christie Road
14. Wheelie - Rest

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