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Produced by: Will Salazar
Engineered and Mixed by: Joe Marlett
Mastered by: Tom Baker

Additional Backing Vocals: Will Salazar
Keyboards: Patrick Smith, Joe Marlett
Programming: Patrick Smith, Joe Marlett
Drums: Christopher Delisle

Recorded at: The Tone Factory, Las Vegas, NV
Mixed at: Signature Sound, San Diego, CA
Mastered at: Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Art Direction & Design: Jared Marshall
Manufactured at: CDs First, Oceanside, CA
Traycard Photo: Megan Eleazer, Pensive (Live) at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on March 22, 2007

1. Beneath Onyx Skies
2. The Words You Say
3. Live Fast
4. Red Letter Day
5. Forsaken
6. We're All Insane
7. Come With Me
8. Without You Here
9. Summer is Gone
10. 06/08: Lost Inside Your Heart
11. What Dreams May Come

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