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Mika R. of Claremore, OK asks...
I did a project about you guys in Speech Class. So I'm wondering if you guys were into Speech or Debate classes back in high school?

Well, speaking for myself, I wasn't really very good at speech or debate, but I did have a class where I had to stand up in front of everyone and recite the Gettysburg address. Does that count? Well, I memorized it, and didn't miss a word. (I don't usually forget my lyrics on stage either LOL!)

Answered by Julio

Andrea G. of Argentina asks...
Che Julio, queria saber pos que hacen canciones en espanol? Ah y queria saber si los demas tambien hablan espanol?

Me gusta tener canciones en espanol porque soy de Mexico y pienso que es bueno poder involucrar mi lengua en un grupo americano. Tambien me gusta porque es algo diferente y no hay muchos grupos que lo pueden hacer exitosamente.

Y acerca de tu segunda pregunta yo soy el unico que habal espanol en el grupo ; )...gracias por tu apoyo.

Answered by Julio

Andrea G. of Argentina asks...
I want to tell you that I love your song "Soledad" because no one here makes music like yours in Spanish. What do you want to accomplish as a band? And who do you think should have won the World Cup?

Thanks for the kind words. We just want to play music and reach as many people as possible. And Julio thinks Germany should've won. Pat doesn't watch soccer, and Sean was on the computer the whole time.

Answered by Pensive

Jessica C. of Blacktown, NSW, Australia asks...
If you could read minds, would you enjoy knowing what people were thinking, or would breaching their privacy bother you? Would you consider it a burden to know everyone's innermost thoughts?

I don't care about breaching peoples privacy, but knowing everyone's innermost thoughts would be so much information that I'd probably explode. Like... like a rock or something.

Answered by Pat

Laura V. of Escondido, CA asks...
Who built the band together and thought of it, or how to be in it?

Pat and Julio started the band when they were in high school. The lineup has changed a couple times over the years, but Pat and Julio have always been in it.

Answered by Pensive

Lisa R. of St. David, AZ asks...
On your CD Something About the Stars, it seems like the theme is missing a girl, or missing someone you love. When you write songs, are you thinking of somebody personally, or is it just in general?

Everything we write stems from personal experiences, and a lot of the songs are about those experiences, both musically and lyrically. Sometimes a song is about someone specifically, and sometimes a song is about a feeling from the past. Each song means something different for all of us.

Answered by Pat & Sean

Dez D. of Salem, OR asks...
Are any one of you in a relationship? Because I think Julio is really HOT!

Yes. We think he's hot too.

Answered by Pat, Sean and Jason

Tatianna E. of Long Beach, CA asks...
Do you guys ever get shy while performing on stage?

No, it's the greatest feeling in the world, just a pure adrenaline rush. Everyone in the band agrees there's nothing like it. It's literally the best part about being in the band. :)

Answered by Pensive

Tatianna E. of Long Beach, CA asks...
Who is the most videogame crazy? Who is the most girl crazy?

Jason likes boys girls. A lot.

Answered by Pensive

Tatianna E. of Long Beach, CA asks...
On the 3rd of July, did one of the band members break up with a girl or just a song writer wrote it for you guys?

We write all of our own songs; there are no outside songwriters. And yes, "The 3rd of July" is inspired by actual events.

Answered by Pat

Coco M. of Greenland, NH asks...
In the song Soledad, part of it is in Spanish. What does it mean?

The Spanish lyrics are similar to the English lyrics in that they tell the story of a person who is in love with someone who doesn't love them back.

Answered by Julio

Taylor K. of El Cajon, CA asks...
Were there ever any other band names floating around in your crazy little heads besides Pensive?

We considered about 20 different names, but the ones we liked best, besides Pensive, were:

Just Plain Lazy
Less Than Perfect
Outside 217
Project Bob

We were really close to being Outside 217, but looking back, we're glad we chose "Pensive." For those of you dying to know, Outside 217 is a chapter in The Shining.

Answered by Pat

Nate B. of Danbury, CT asks...
My girlfriend broke up with me over the Summer and I need good new break-up music to listen to. When are you guys come'n out with a new CD?

Sometime in 2006.

Answered by Pensive

Jaylynn J. of Chula Vista, CA asks...
How tall are all of you?

Pat: 6'1 & 1/2"
Sean: 6'1"
Jason: 5'11"
Julio: 5'10"

Answered by Pensive

Jess C. of NSW, Australia asks...
If there was a movie documenting the Pensive journey, who would play each member and why?

That's probably the hardest question we've ever been asked, so instead of us throwing out some random actors, we're going to give you guys an assignment. You tell us who you think should play us, and we'll post your answers up here!

Answered by Pensive

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