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Mike W. of The Great State of, Utah asks...
I found you guys on PureVolume and I think that you are really good. I'm just wondering if you have any plans to come to Utah for a show?

Hey Mike, thanks for tracking us down on PureVolume! We've played in Utah before and really liked it. We played an awesome little venue in Provo called Muse Music, and it was a blast, a real fun crowd. We do have plans to hit Utah again, you can expect to see us sometime in 2008 ....

Answered by Julio

Victoria R. of North Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Is going on tour mostly fun, mostly hard work, or a little of both?

A lot of both! It's more fun than you can imagine, getting up on stage night after night playing songs we love. We're really fortunate that we meet tons of nice people while we go from town to town, it's really indescribable.

But of course, there are many days when the weather makes traveling very difficult, like the day we were driving to Louisville KY through a tornado warning! There are days when it's pretty cold, and being from Southern California we're not that good in the cold lol!

There are other days when the trailer loses a tire, or the van won't start ... those kind of things cause a lot of stress while we try to fix them and get to the next town on time!

There are other days when we're playing on a Tuesday night in a small town in front of five people, that's very humbling! For musicians who love to be loved, that's a very hard night indeed hahaha ....

But ... that's what touring is all about, and that's what all bands face out on the road when they are trying to spread their music to as many fans as possible face to face, not just on the internet ... and we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Can't wait to see y'all in NC!

Answered by Julio

Julia R. of The Great State of, NC asks...
Random question, but if you could have a super power, what would it be?

Well that's random true, but thought provoking. Especially if I can choose only one super power ... oooh I know, I would choose to have the super power that permits me to mimic all super powers every existing! Genius!

Answered by Patrick

Allison S. of Plainfield, IN asks...
I love the graphics of your new CD Artifacts. Did one of you take the picture of the city or did you find it elsewhere?

Our awesome graphic designer Jared Marshall takes all the credit for the look of the artwork! He found that picture online and made some wonderful changes to it, and turned it into the magic that is Artifacts!

Answered by Patrick

Zahra S. of Vancouver B. C., Canada asks...
Do you have any plans to come to Vancouver British Columbia in Canada? My friends and I really want to see you!

Uh oh, that's a tough one! Right now we don't have immediate plans to tour into Canada because it's hard to get the right travel visas to cross into Canada as a band, heightened security and all these days! But, that being said, we'd love to tour in Canada and when we have a fanbase there just begging constantly we're sure we can get the paperwork managed lol!

Answered by Patrick

Thomas W. of Brisbane, Australia asks...
Hey guys I was just wondering what drums you have in the music video "Live Fast"?

Hey Thomas, we are using a Gretsch kit that we rented just for the shoot, it doesn't belong to us, but it's awesome isn't it?

Answered by Julio

Ariel, Sammy, and Teresa of Long Beach, CA asks...
With your new album Artifacts, what was the most difficult song for you to learn to sing?

Well all the songs are a bit more difficult for me than previous songs we wrote, because we really tried to push our abilities, not only vocals, but with guitar and drums as well. Now that we've been out on tour and I'm singing the songs a lot, they are all getting better and better! Tell me what you think when we see you in Long Beach ok?

Answered by Julio

Alexandra A. of Washington DC, Our Capital! asks...
Me encanta la canción Soledad! I was just wondering, what inspires you guys to write songs? Would you say it's past experiences or universal emotions? Or something else? I hope you come to the East Coast soon!

Wow que curada! Me da mucho gusto saber que te gusta esa canción. De seguro es una de mis favoritas también, sobre todo en vivo porque se siente bien padre cantar en español....asi que muchas gracias =)

I find that inspiration comes from many places when it comes to writing songs. Whether its another band, wanting to incorporate a new idea into our songs, inspiration can come from many places. It can come from emotions we all feel. Or a specific thing that we've gone through. Its really different for each and every song we write.

And the good news is ... we're going to be playing a show close to you on our Fall Tour! Check us out at Lo-Fi Social Club in Baltimore on Friday October 26th! There will be a lot more East Coast dates as well, so keep checking our TOUR section, or the calendar on our MySpace!

Answered by Julio (en Español) and Patrick (in English)

Meghen C. of Atlanta, GA asks...
When is the new CD coming out, I can't wait until I can get it!

Well, Artifacts is the name of our new record and we're working on it right now! It comes out September 4th of this year, 2007, and then we hit the road for 100 days of touring across the country! And yes, in case your're wondering, we will be hitting Atlanta again this tour!

Answered by Julio

Jeanine V. of The Netherlands asks...
I live in The Netherlands and it seems like I'm the only one in the entire country who knows your music! Can I buy your CDs and shirts here in The Netherlands? And will you ever play in The Netherlands?

Hey Jeanine, thanks for being a fan all the way from The Netherlands, that's so cool! We're glad you found us! We don't know of any "real" stores that sell our CDs and shirts in The Netherlands, but hey, who buys CDs in stores anymore, right! You can get our CDs right here on our website in the MERCH section, or you can use other online stores like, or You can also download our CDs right to your iPod with iTunes, or our MySpace store right on our profile at!

We do hope we get the opportunity to visit your country and play there, so help us spread the word about our band among your friends until that time comes, so we'll have more than one fan in The Netherlands!

So let us know how the shopping goes, and stay in touch.

Answered by Patrick

Mariana E. of Tepotzotlán, México asks...
Porqué no vienen de gira por México?

Ahorita por el momento nuestro enfoque es meterle duro a las giras que tenemos aqui en Estados Unidos porque estamos tratando de expander nuestro fanbase poco a poquito.

Pero ya cuando alcanzemos ese proposito (o esa meta aqui en USA) vamos a querer ir de giras a otros paises para seguir expandiendo, como por ejemplo México, España, Italia, etc.

Pero por supuesto que vamos a tratar de tocar en México en el futuro....que paso que paso??? pues si soy Mexicano jajajaja. Y mas aparte por eso decidí escribir "Soledad", con el plan de algún día cantarla en mi país ; )

Ciaooo y nos vemos pronto.

Answered by Julio

Fredrik of Sweden asks...
Hi guys! I've got a question. How did you get your concerts when you first started as a band? Did you play at parties, schools, and things like that?

Well, believe it or not, you can see exactly where we played when we first started as a band by checking out our EVENTS section here on our website. If you look in past events, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, you'll see that we started playing shows in Patrick's garage! And even better, get a look at a lot of those early shows by checking out our Show Pictures in the MEDIA section. But no comments on our hair!

Answered by Julio

Nikki B. of Ringgold, GA asks...
Is Pat single? Cause he looks great. Well all of you do. And when are you guys planning on coming back to The Venue in Dalton GA? Cause I really want to be able to see you this time and not get lost!!!!

Well Nikki, I am the wandering gypsy, forever moving from town to town, and certainly single, because who would want a boyfriend who is never around LOL! Sooo, we will be back in Dalton in 07 guaranteed. Yall can count on that! And now that you know where The Venue is, you won't have to count on bad directions from clueless gas station attendants!

Answered by Patrick

Nichole S. of Claremore, OK asks...
You just played here in Oklahoma and I was wondering if you had fun hanging out with us? Oh, and don't worry Julio, I won't forget my first concert!

Nichole, we had a really great time at The Pink Eye, we love playing in Tulsa, and we can't wait to get back there again in 07! When we get back in San Diego, from tour, we'll start writing new material, so when you see us next time you'll get new songs! And we all remember our first show ever, so Nichole we're really glad yours was PENSIVE!

Answered by Julio

Briana Y. of Caledonia, MI asks...
What is the craziest thing you've done on tour?

Well, so far, the thing that turned out to be the most wild was in the desert somewhere near the "four corners." So anyway, it was 3 or 4 in the morning and we had to drive all the way up to the SLC area of Utah. Julio was driving and was pretty tired, so to wake up he decided he wanted to light off some fireworks we bought in Nebraska, or somewhere along the tour. Well, he sets them up, lights them off, and just as they start to spark and sputter and get ready to sail, a Highway Patrol car rolls up. The fireworks start flying over the top of his car and he just stands there with his arms folded, waiting. The fireworks end, and he promptly tells us we just broke the law because of a high fire danger! (In the desert???) Well, long story short, we didn't get hauled in to the station because he cut us a break, but it looked close for awhile. So we made it to Utah, and escaped charges for unlawful desert celebration at 3 AM!

Answered by Patrick

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