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Emily F. of Jackson, NJ asks...
Have you guys ever come to New Jersey?

Yes we have but we've never actually played there, we just stayed there on our first tour in the summer of '04 when we had a few shows in New York City. However, there is a good chance that we'll be planning a tour of the Northeast for Spring so look for us to hit NJ again and actually play there this time!

Answered by Patrick

Paige P. of Jackson, NJ asks...
Billy, how do you keep your hair so amazing?

I'm just that amazing. I just wake up and it looks like this! Ok, ok, I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day with my hair straightener, you've caught me . . .

Answered by Billy

Julvic R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Do you love me???

You bet we do! We happen to love stopping in North Wilkesboro at Tiffany's Place too, it's one of our favorite venues, y'all know how to ROCK!

Answered by Pensive

Victoria R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Who is your favorite Super Hero and why?

Fabulous question! Well, if we are picking from the classic list of super heroes, there really is only one choice for me and that would be Batman. Sure, he doesn't have any super powers but he's just so badass that it doesn't matter! Plus, I find most other typical super heroes to be kind of goody-two-shoes and thats just not as exciting. Batman has a bit of a dark side to him. He has depth. But If we're going to step out of the classic super hero list, it gets a bit harder since I have recently become obsessed with the show Heroes (great show that you simply must watch and love!) and then it would have to be a toss up between Peter Petrelli with his ability to learn anyone else's power that he's around or Hiro Nakamura cause he's just so loveable and awesome : )

Answered by Patrick

Johanna K. of Munich, Germany asks...
Are you going to come to Germany someday?

Yes of course! Someday we will make it over to that side of the Atlantic. I can't tell you when it will be but we well make it eventually so don't worry! : ) Look out autobahn haha!

Answered by Patrick

Kayla P of Roswell, NM asks...
You guys are awesome, when are you coming back to Roswell?

Even though our van nearly died last time we were there, we can't wait to get back and we shall be playing there again on Saturday, January 26th!

Answered by Patrick

Heather J. of Davenport, IA asks...
I'm really into singing and writing music but sometimes it feels like nothing will come out. Do you have any advice for writing music and making music a profession if college doesn't work out?

Thats a very good question! Lots of times, in fact most of the time, its very hard for me to write music. Its very much a long and tiring process that takes a lot of persistance. Some people might have an easier time with it but don't let it worry you if it doesn't always come easy. I spend a lot of time working on lyrics, sometimes hours on end with a piece of paper in front of me without writing a single word. But eventually, things begin to come together and a picture emerges that makes sense. So don't let "writer's block" get to you for if you worry about it, it will only get worse as you put more pressure on yourself so just relax and let it flow if it'll flow and if not, just wait for it. As for making music a profession, well, thats a bit harder. Perhaps try to start a band and spread the word about it. Or put your songs online and try to promote yourself as much as you can. Persistence is the key to success.

Answered by Patrick

Darla S. of Somewhere, GA asks...
Why don't you guys ever tour in Georgia?

Well I must say that we actually hit Georgia quite frequently. Several times each year in fact. And on top of that, we shall be hitting Georgia again at the beginning of February so keep your eyes open!

Answered by Patrick

Christina W. of Central, AR asks...
When performing on stage, what is the greatest feeling you have experienced?

Thats a tough one as there have been many, many memorable moments but I think I would have to say that one of the greatest is any time that we can see the crowd singing along with us. Especially when we can actually hear them over our amps (which go to 11!)

Answered by Patrick

Autumn D. of Millers Creek, NC asks...
Billy, what kind of bass do you play?

I go back and forth between a Fender Jazz bass and a Fender Mark Hoppus bass, which, if you'd like to know is a Jazz Bass body with a P-Bass pickup ; )

Answered by Billy

Tori R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
What is your favorite place you have toured?

Well, the word "favorite" implies just one and after polling the band we've come to the conclusion that we can't answer that question, we have too many places across the country that we love to visit and play. When we all started to name our favorite venues, we ended up with a list of about 20! But we will say that Tiffany's Place in your hometown is definitely one that we always look forward to playing, because every time y'all come out and make us feel welcome, you sing, chant, jump up and down, and give us lots of hugs ... what could be better than that! And proof that we love y'all? We book Tiffany's every tour!

Answered by Patrick

Autumn D. of Millers Creek, NC asks...
This question is for Billy ... How hard was it for you to learn to play the bass?? I want to know because I am getting one for Christmas!!

Well, when I first wanted to start playing an instrument and join a band, I wanted to play drums, but I found out that drum kits are kinda expensive, so that's the reason I decided to try the bass! I've learned to play the guitar too. Actually I picked up bass fairly fast, and a lot of people say that the bass is the easiest instrument to learn in a rock band. I'm sure you're gonna be rockin' out by Valentine's day, so be sure to send me a report ok? Hit me up on MySpace ....

Answered by Billy

Julia R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Julio, when you were at Tiffany's Place, did you like singing with me? LOL!

It was awesome that you knew the words to "Live Fast," so it was my pleasure to sing with you!

Answered by Julio

Taylor H. of North Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Tori and Julia bet me I wouldn't ask you a question! Well my question is ... WHEN R U COMING BACK 2 NC! I WANT 2 SEE U AGAIN! U ROCK MY SOCKS! P.S. loved the show at Tiffany's!

Taylor! Tell Tori and Julia we're waiting for them to ask a question too! And don't worry, every time we tour across the US, we always stop at Tiffany's. It is always one of our best shows anywhere, y'all know how to rock, and we always have a nice place to stay with the people who run the venue! We meet a lot of people on the road, and you guys always treat us like family! Love it there!!

Answered by Julio

Autumn D. of Millers Creek, NC asks...
Are the clothes you wear on stage totally different from what you wear off stage?

We have a complete set of clothes for each band member that we keep in our touring trailer just to wear on stage! We don't wear those clothes on days we aren't performing.

Answered by Julio

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