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Jade P. of Wilts, UK asks...
Has it ever really occured to you that there are a bunch of people that look at your pictures everyday?

Well now that you mention it, that is a bit weird to think about! It's doesn't occur to us to think about that, but we're glad to know that at least you are!

= )

Answered by Julio

Cari V. of Kernersville, NC asks...
What's your main inspiration for writing songs? Or is there no inspiration, and the songs are works of sheer genius?

Sheer genius. Our shortest answer ever!

No, actually, our songs are inspired by many things. Sometimes it's an actual event. Sometimes it's more an emotion than an event. Sometimes it's a desire to create a poetic experience with words and music. Each song is unique in it's inspiration and creation!

Answered by Patrick

Maria B. of San Francisco, CA asks...
Boxers or Briefs? Or something else?

Ok, we did say you could ask us anything didn't we, so the answer is boxers all around.

Answered by All Of Us

Teresa M. of Long Beach, CA asks...
This question is for Patrick and Julio...Can you describe the day you guys first met?

We met on our high school tennis team believe it or not! Julio was a senior and I was a freshman!

Answered by Patrick

Ariel C. of Long Beach, CA asks...
When you guys are not on tour, and not playing any shows, can you describe your daily life? From when you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night what do you guys do? Especially Julio and Patrick who have been doing this for so long.

Ariel, we can always count on you to get personal with us LOL! Well, when we're not on tour, and we're home in San Diego, we like to spend time on MySpace staying in contact with our fans. We like to work on new song ideas. We practice playing guitar ... I also work on my voice. We try to go to the gym most days. We definitely like to sleep when we get home from tour, because we get very little sleep on tour!

Then we each have some fun ways to waste time, that's for sure! Patrick likes to read A LOT. When I really want to get away from everything I like to play poker, it helps me take my mind off everything!

Answered by Julio

Jess G. of London, UK asks...
You're all so fit, how often do you work out?

Well, we all have different routines to stay healthy and able to take the toll on our bodies that a lot of touring brings. I like to go to the gym almost every day, and Patrick goes almost as much. Billy ... hmmm, he's just naturally fit, good DNA, what can we say?

; )

Answered by Julio

Jade P. of Wilts, UK asks...
Do any of you wear makeup off stage?

Patrick, Billy, and I all wear eye makeup on stage, but we don't wear makeup off stage!

Answered by Julio

Jade P. of Wilts, UK asks...
Are you guys going to play in England someday? My friends and I really want to know!

Well, as you can see by reading through our list of questions, that's been asked before and we're quite happy about that! All you UK fans keep asking because that means our fanbase is growing there! We love the UK and had a tour all lined up with Fenix TX in 2006 until I broke my wrist! But we will be there, we WILL make it happen!

Answered by Julio

Kayla A. of Somewhere, CA asks...
Has anything ever gone wrong at a show??

Of course! Tons and tons of things from blowing the P.A. to amps not working to drums falling off the stage to me knocking over mic stands constantly. Being on stage with Pensive isn't exactly ever the safest place to be . . . Hahaha

Answered by Patrick

Teresa M. of Long Beach, CA asks...
What do you think makes Pensive different than any other band out there?

All the sexy asians we've had in our band ; )

Answered by Web Asian Boy Sean

Tyler O. of El Cajon, CA asks...
Do you think Johnny Depp would be the best choice to play Patrick in a movie about Pensive?

Oh yes of course! I don't think anyone else could handle it ; )

Answered by Patrick

Victoria R. of Chico, CA asks...
Are you guys going to be at Warped Tour this year?

We are currently working very hard on making that happen so keep your fingers crossed cause we would love nothing more than to spend all summer on Warped!

Answered by Patrick

Jess G. of Plymouth, U.K. asks...
Which one of you has stayed in the band the longest?

Julio and I have been in the band the longest. We started the band with original bassist Jared back in April of 2000 when we were in high school, so we're coming up on eight years since we first picked up our guitars for the very first time!

Answered by Patrick

Kelly D. of Lubbock, TX asks...
Has there ever been a time when each one of you guys were feuding about something insignificant? If so, how did you get over it?

Of course! Its just part of being on tour! In such cramped spaces in the van day after day, and with the same four people for so long, it is inevitable that there will be all sorts of little fights. Usually though, its nothing too serious and nothing that a little time can't fix.

Answered by Patrick

Jess G. of Plymouth, U.K. asks...
You guys rock!!! Will you ever come to Plymouth to play??

Thank you Jess! Sadly, we don't have any plans to make it over to that side of the Atlantic yet but I can promise you that we will be over there as soon as we possibly can! Its been a dream of ours for years . . .

Answered by Patrick

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