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Jess G. of Cornwall, UK asks...
Loads of people have said that this site is fake, is it actually the real 'Pensive' replying?


Oh wait, yeah, 2 questions there, sorry! Yes, this is really the real Pensive. For serious. This is not fake, this is not someone answering the questions for us. This the real Patrick. Yay!

Answered by The Real Patrick

Paige P. of Jackson, NJ asks...
Billy, what is your middle name?

I am officially William John Formella II.

Answered by Billy

Britany L. of Dayton, OH asks...
I was wondering when Pensive is coming back to Ohio?? I saw you guys play at The Attic in Kettering and wow would it be cool if u came i hope to see u soon =]

Britany, we love Ohio, and we always stop in several cities there every tour. Having said that, we did skip Ohio on our recent Snowphobia winter tour! Since you were buried in snow you probably don't need an explanation why lol!

But you'll see us on our Summer Tour and our Fall Tour. We love The Attic! So keep an eye on our TOUR section right here on the website, or our MySpace profile once we start posting shows.

Answered by Patrick

Lindsay K. of Penticton B.C., Canada asks...
Have you ever been abducted by aliens? If so, then come play in Canada. I'll promote it for years if I have to.

Wow! We don't remember being abducted by aliens, however we have played shows in Roswell NM several times, and we all know Roswell is Alien HQ! So, there is the possibility it's happened and been erased from our memories.

Therefore, seems like we're eligible for touring in Canada! We'd love to come up there sometime soon. But we'll be honest, it's not in our tour plans for 2008, so let's see what happens after that!

Answered by Patrick

Elizabeth G. of Dalton, GA asks...
Is "Soledad" the only Spanish song you guys have? If so, when will you write another one? I think it's an amazing song.

"Soledad" is the only Spanish song we've recorded and released, but we have written a couple more. And we'll probably write even more Spanish songs and hope to release another one or two soon! And thanks for the nice compliment! We're glad you like the song.

Gracias por todo el apoyo y nos vemos este verano ok? Cuidate...Ciaooo.

Answered by Julio

Kim K. of Lebanon Junction, KY asks...
Do you think you could ever come back and play at Bulldog's in Kentucky again? I had so much fun. It was the best show I have ever been to I really like you guyz and you all were so nice to us when we talked to you. I hope you continue to do great, you're an amazing band.

Kim, we really want to play at Bulldog's every tour! We had a great time there! Since Kentucky is right in the middle of the country it makes a lot of sense to hit Louisville every time we're out on the road. So if Bulldog's will have us you'll see us again next tour!

Answered by Julio

Miranda H. of Richmond, VA asks...
Each of you have to tell me the last time you kissed a girl!

Ah Miranda, everyone knows a gentleman never kisses and tells!

; )

Answered by All Of Us

Meg G. of Elizabeth, NJ asks...
What were your lives like when you were growing up?

Well Meg your question isn't one that can be answered quickly in just a few sentences! We've each had really different lives growing up as you can imagine. Julio grew up in Mexico, that's a unique and very different life right there! We'd say, go take a look at our individual bios right here in the BAND section. They won't tell you everything you want to know, but they will get you started on your quest to learning everything you ever wanted to know about Pensive! Come back next time with an easier question lol! : P

Answered by Patrick

Paige P. of Jackson, NJ asks...
Billy, what is your natural hair color?

Only my hairdresser knows for sure haha!

Truth is my natural haircolor is dark brown. Next Pensive tour I may go out with dark hair! I've been bleaching my hair a long time, it needs a rest.

Answered by Billy

Miranda H. of Richmond, VA asks...
When is Pensive coming back to Virginia? I missed your show at Alley Katz! I wanted to kick myself!! Please come back soon!

Hey Miranda, you can trust that we'll hit VA a couple times every year! We love playing there, and always like to stop in at least three or four cities in your beautiful state!

But you have to keep an eye on our MySpace profile, or the TOUR section right here on our website, so you don't miss any upcoming shows!

And when you see me, ask me my favorite color!

; )

Answered by Billy

Amy C. of Fredonia, KS asks...
How did you guys meet Billy since he lives in Atlanta and the band is from San Diego?

Well, on one of our tours which stopped at The Masquerade in Atlanta, we played a show with a local Atalanta band. Billy played bass for that band. After the show, we hung out with them, ate some breakfast, talked and started to get to know each other. We thought Billy was a really good bass player, and an awesome person, and when we needed a bass player for Pensive we thought he'd be perfect. We asked, he said yes, and the rest is history!

Answered by Julio

Christopher D. of Safford, AZ asks...
What do you think about Safford? Do you like playing at The Stir?

We love to play at The Stir, we always have a good time. Everyone there always treats us really well, like family! The Stir is kind of like a secret venue, not that many bands even know about it! We always play there at least once each tour though. It's a sure stop for Pensive every time!

Answered by Julio

Lucy D. of Devon, UK asks...
Do any of you use MSN Messenger? If so can I please please have your screen names?

Actually no one uses MSN Messenger. We each have an AIM screen name, but we don't give out our personal ones. Pensive has an AIM screen name, however, and you can have that. Warning however, we don't jump on AIM too often because we get mobbed whenever we do. We usually stick to answering all of our messages and comments on MySpace.

But just in case you catch us on AIM sometime it's PENSIVEPUNK!

Answered by Patrick

Jade P. of Wilts, UK asks...
Whats the most annoying question that youve ever been asked? (is it this one? =D )

Well Jade, this is an annoying question you're right haha! It's always difficult when we have to answer a question that requires us to think about the entire history of the band to figure out something that is the "most" or the "best" or the "hardest" ... you get the idea!

Answered by Patrick

Samantha C. of Long Beach, CA asks...
If you had access to a time machine, where would you go and why?

Actually, since we all like the television show HEROES we've discussed this! It's really a tough question because there are a lot of places we'd like to visit, but here are a few:

The 1980 Olympics hockey match between the US and Russia, the "miracle on ice" which the US won!

In the audience for Nirvana's Unplugged performance for MTV!

In Liverpool England the year before the Beatles hit it big ... with all their songs, which we would promptly start playing in all the clubs LOL!

Answered by All Of Us

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