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Aubrey C. of San Diego, CA asks...
Is it true that Billy wrote one of your songs about what was going on with his cousin's boyfriend?

Umm . . . no. I suppose its possible that Billy could have written a song about a cousin or her boyfriend but no, not to burst anyone's bubble, Billy did not write any Pensive songs.

Answered by Patrick

Meg G. of East Brunswick, NJ asks...
When are you guys coming to NJ?

Well ya know, New Jersey is one of the few states that have yet to rock so we are without a doubt planning on making it out there sometime soon! We're really hoping to hit the North East on our upcoming Autmun tour so be on the look out!

Answered by Patrick wants some New England Clam Chowder!

Andrea B. of San Diego, CA asks...
When are you guys gonna put Ian on here?

Ian? Who's Ian? As far as I know, Billy is the Pensive bassist, isn't he? ; )

(Be on the look out for new updates and additions in the coming months!)

Answered by Patrick

Juliete K. of Sao Paulo, Brazil asks...
Do you have any plans to come to Sao Paulo in Brazil?

Wow, another Brazilian fan! There seems to be a high demand for Pensive down there, huh? Well, maybe we'll have to look into a tour there but for now, I'm sad to say, we do not have any plans to tour outside of the U.S. : (

Answered by Patrick

Gretchen S. of Haymarket, VA asks...
Are any of you lovely boys single?

Can I plead the fifth? Hmm . . . let's just say that some of us are and some of us aren't and if those some of us want to tell the world about whether we are single or not, those some of us can do so as they please but for now, it shall remain a mystery ; )

Answered by Patrick

Victoria R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
Where is your favorite place to go on Vacation?

Well thats simple, the 2nd most happy place on earth: Disneyland!! I mean, who doesn't love Disneyland?! I'm not really one for crowds but for the land of Disney, I can make an exception. I mean, I'd love to say go for a little vacation in Ireland maybe but come on, as if that'll ever happen . . .

Answered by Patrick

Paula G. of Brazil, Brazil asks...
When will you guys come to Brazil? I love you!!

Wow, we're just getting requests from all over the globe today . . . Well, I can't say for sure when we'd make a journey down to South America but ya know, it could happen. Maybe in a few years? Rush played there. I have the dvd : )

Answered by Patrick

Miranda H. of Richmond, VA asks...
Billy, why do you go by Billy, not William or Will?

Actually, Billy prefers to go by BJ but we're totalitarian dictators and told him that he'd go by Billy or by nothing at all. Why not Will or William? I have no idea. In fact, just last night, I was wondering about what an odd shortening of William Bill/Billy is. I mean, it just doesn't really make sense, now does it? Then again, if its good enough for Billy Corgan, its good enough for anyone . . .

Answered by William Patrick Corgan is Patrick's hero . . .

Marian A. of Erie, PA asks...
Will Pensive ever make another music video? Cause Live Fast was awesome!

Funny you should ask that for we are right in the middle of making the final plans and preparations for our new music video for Summer Is Gone! If you don't know about it, please check out the blog about it on our Myspace page cause its gonna be way totally exciting and super awesomer than Live Fast!!

Answered by Patrick

Miranda H. of Richmond, VA asks...
Will Pensive ever sell albums at Best Buy or other such stores? Will Pensive ever change their name? What are your favorite books?

Alright, alright, more questions from our friend Miranda! Naturally, at some point, preferable in the near future, Pensive would love to have our cds sold in such fine retail outlets as Best Buy, but at the moment, you will all have to survive ordering it off our website or buying it from us at a show.

No, Pensive shall never change their name. We did that once and I think we are good to go with Pensive.

As for favorite books, well, being pretty much the only band member awesome enough to read books (hahaha, not really but I gotta get cool points somehow . . . ) its yet again good that I am answering this question! Stephen King has always and will always be a personal favorite of mine. Everything he writes is amazing but The Dark Tower series is in my eyes his crowning achievement. Also, Chuck Palahniuk is incredible. Oh! And everyone should read The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maughm : )

Answered by Patrick wears reading glasses

Emmahh W. of Harrogate, U.K. asks...
When are you guys coming to England? I love you guys, your music is amazing! Also, how old are you? P.S. Billy is cute!!!!

Unfortunately, at this point in time, we don't have any plans to make any trips across the Atlantic but you should take my word for it, the second we get the chance, we'll be on the first flight over there!! We've can't wait to play Europe! As for our ages, I am 23, Billy is 24, and Dave is 21. Julio likes to keep his age a secret . . . Hahaha

Answered by Patrick

Miranda H. of Richmond, VA asks...
Billy, is your hair straight or curly?

I may not be Billy (sadly, Billy is occupied with something else at the moment) but I know the answer so fear not. Curly. His hair is curly. But he straightens it everyday.

Answered by Patrick

Tiffany & Whitney M. of Houston, TX asks...
We want to make a Comic strip about you and wanted to know if it is ok? And What your favorite games, comics, shows, or anything you think will help make it the best it can be are?

First of all, without a doubt, yes yes yes, you can totally make a comic about us!! I am a complete and utter nerd, much more so than anyone else in the band so its a good thing you've got me answering this question! Let's see, favorite games, well, I'm gonna assume video games here . . . All time favorites would have to be: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears. Though, my recent obsessions include FFXII, Bioshock, Half Life 2 (and Team Fortress 2 and Portal of course), and METAL GEAR SOLID 4!!! [finally!] Comics? Batman without a doubt. In fact, currently sitting next to me is Batman: The Long Halloween! Shows? Friends, Lost, and Heroes. Yay! What a lovely chance to tell the world about my loves . . .

P.S. Comic Con is in 2 days!!!!!!!

Answered by Patrick: Uber Nerd

Morgan P. of Columbus, OH asks...
hey! i love you guys, so are you going to come to Ohio because i would love to see you. :)

Hmm, Ohio seems to be a hot spot of Pensive love for if we look a few questions below we see a rather similar question. Therefore, I shall give a similar answer: Heck yes! We love Ohio and you should have nothing to worry about for this upcoming Autumn tour that we are attempting to plan will without a doubt pass through many a places in Ohio so be on the lookout!

Clearly, Ohio is for (Pensive) lovers ; )

Answered by Patrick

Kyra H. of Philadelphia, PA asks...
Julio have you like ever notice many girls say your hot, cute and yeahh??

Well, not being Julio, I can't say for certain, but yes, I think Julio is aware of the fact that there seems to be a group of girls (and boys) that find him to be attractive : )

Answered by Patrick is cute too . . .

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