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Ashley M. of Indianapolis, IN asks...
Do you guys have siblings?

We all have siblings except Patrick, who is an only child!

Answered by Julio

Steven R. of Safford, AZ asks...
Are you planning on coming out with a new CD soon?

Hey Steven, we're writing new songs right now. Our next release doesn't have a date yet, but we're looking forward to the creative process, it's always a lot of fun to bring new ideas together!

Answered by Julio

Juliana K. of San Diego, CA asks...
If you guys could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Wow good question, there are a lot of places we'd love to play. We'd probably choose Japan first. Japanese kids love music like ours, and we've actually already sold a lot of CDs over there, so that would be a lot of fun!

Answered by Julio

Lindsay S. of Anderson, IN asks...
Why did you guys decide to become a band?

Patrick and I met on the high school tennis team, believe it or not! Once when he invited me to his house, we decided to spend some time just messing around with the drumset and guitars he had. We had a great time doing that, and started to discover that we liked a lot of the same kinds of music. The more we spent time hanging out and jamming music together, the more we realized that we really enjoyed it. When we went to our high school's battle of the bands contest, we decided we could form a band and win the next year! So we did that, we won, and that was the beginning of Pensive!

Answered by Julio

Tiffany M. of Houston, TX asks...
First off... Julio I got this set of cards and the joker in the set looks like you I think it is crazy....and my question is what do you think is the craziest show you have ever played and why?

Ok Tiffany, I'm curious now! I want to see that Joker! Take a picture and send it through MySpace, or something like that!

Now your question ... hmmm. Our craziest show ever? I'm going to say that WE were crazy when we did a tour last winter in January and February of 2008! We did a show in Louisville KY and it was so cold that day that it was about 20 degrees below zero with the wind chill factor! Our eyelids were freezing shut while we tried to load and unload equipment!

On that same tour, we did a show in Murfreesboro TN. When we finished the show we couldn't unlock our trailer because the locks had become encased in ice during the show! We had to melt the ice with a lighter!

So, we've learned our lesson! Winter touring below the snow line hahaha!

Answered by Julio

Bianca D. of Imperial Beach, CA asks...
Hey I have a question for Patrick ... I know you like to read, so do I. I was wondering have you read the Twilight series? By the way I love ya guys haha!

Bianca, you're right, I do love to read! But I haven't read the Twilight series yet. My cousin Libby loves those books though and she keeps telling me to give the books a try, so maybe I will! I am a fan of Vampire books, I love Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice!

Answered by Patrick

Nathan B. of Roswell, NM asks...
How long has Jeremy been drumming?

Believe it or not, Jeremy is an amazing natural talent! He's in his senior year of high school right now and he started drumming for the first time in his freshman year! Amazing!

Answered by Julio

Andrea B. of Albuquerque, NM asks...
Who is the main song writer in the band??? And are you guys working on any new songs???

Julio and I have written all of our songs. Almost all of them have elements contributed by each of us. Most of the lyrics I write, and Julio writes almost all of the vocal melody lines. The underlying music is almost always a collaboration between the two of us. And yes, we are working on new songs right now!

Answered by Patrick

Kayla A. of Hollywood, CA asks...
You guys better be on warped tour next year or i'll start a riot and you'll see a bunch of angry kids running around Warped with flaming torches and pitchforks. <3 glad we understand eachother (:

While that's not exactly a question, we couldn't agree with you more! We'll try to make it happen just for you!

Answered by Patrick

Kim L. of Somewhere, CA asks...
In what city is the worlds largest thermometer?

Well Kim, you can't stump us on that question, trivia masters that we are! The world's largest thermometer is in Baker California, the gateway to Death Valley. It's 134 feet tall, a tribute to the highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley, 134 degrees!

Answered by Patrick

Arlene L. of La Mesa, CA asks...
If you Guys ever went to a fans house, and she had a trampoline. Would you guys jump on it? lol ;P

Uhhh ... no! Especially if it's Julio who is visiting! He's accident prone, we wouldn't want him falling and breaking a wrist or something hahaha!

Curious to know more? Well, our one and only European tour was canceled at the last minute when Julio fell playing tennis and broke his wrist. Just a little Pensive trivia!

; ) Keep that a secret between us Arlene!

Answered by Patrick

Michele C. of Roswell, NM asks...
Having just recently heard that Julio cooks, my question is, If Julio is cooking breakfast(and he just might be next time) what are we having?

I only cook dinner LOL! If it can be made on an outdoor grill!

Answered by Julio

Elizabeth G. of Somewhere, GA asks...
I always wondered...Patrick, Julio what or who inspired you guys to pick up the guitar and to start a band? Or did you guys just wake up one day and think "I wanna be uber awesome so I'm gonna start a band!" LoL. Also, what are your middle names? If you dont mind sharing. =], I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ok, the short story is this. When we were in high school, we both loved punk music, or more accurately pop punk music, like a lot of people we liked Blink 182 a lot. They make being in a band look pretty easy, don't they?? Just get up on stage and have a good time.

Then, we went to our high school's battle of the bands. The winning band, Jack's Broken Heart, had some awesome songs, a CD they made themselves, and a lot of screaming and very adoring (female) fans! They also made being in a band look pretty easy.

So, Julio and I decided right then and there ... we can do that! We both started learning guitar, recruited our friend Jared Marshall to play bass, and found a drummer by posting ads at music stores hahaha! When he didn't really work out because he never came to practice, our friend from school, Jason Perry, jumped on board.

The rest is history really. We won the next year's battle of the bands! And we're still having fun.

Oh, and middle names huh? Julio Cesar Godoy. Patrick Michael Chaffin Smith.

Answered by Patrick

Kay K. of Glenside, PA asks...
Woah you guys are amazing:] when are you playing in Philly?

Hmmm ... the East Coast often eludes us when we're on tour, but we'd love to play the beautiful city of Philadelphia soon! Cross your fingers, and we're crossing ours, for a Philly stop on our upcoming Fall Tour 2008!! Keep watch .....

Answered by Julio

Kim W. of Nashville, TN asks...
Hey there Julio.....I just wanna know what spice you were buying at Publix when you were in Nashville and what dish you make with it? lol........remember me? I told you I would check your music it!

The Spice that I bought is called "CAJUN CLASSIQUES, Blackened Seasoning, from Spice World" it's not in the Spice isle, it's on the produce isle kinda by where you can find the salad croutons etc.

And I use the spice on a lot of different things, mostly grilling chicken or steak or hamburger. Sometimes it's the only thing I use and sometimes it's one of 10 spices that I might use on a dish so it just depends, but it's really good!

So there is one of my cooking secrets LOL!

Answered by Julio Master Chef ; )

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