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Nathan B. of Roswell, NM asks...
Do the band have any plans to play in Roswell again? I sadly missed you last time you were here in October 08. Please book a show here, please!

Ah dude! You also missed us in June, we were just there at Unity Center at the end of June! But not to worry, we always love to hit Roswell when we're on the road! Just watch our TOUR section every once in awhile!

Answered by Julio

Mikayla H. of Fresno, CA asks...
Why do you guys all like South Park soooo much?

Hmm, if we say "it's funny" that probably won't seem very satisfying will it? Mostly we like it because it makes fun of current events, or people in the news, without worrying about whether it is offending someone. And it's funny!

Answered by Julio

Victoria R. of Wilkesboro, NC asks...
This question goes out to all you guys. What is your biggest fear?

Julio: Spiders!

Patrick: Julio texting while driving the van!

Cody: Jeremy beating me at Mario Kart!

Jeremy: Girls under 18 that look over 18!

Answered by All of us ....

Joe R. of San Diego, CA asks...
You guys are a great band! I just heard of you through YouTube, and just NEEDED to know more! Ok, so my question is ... where do you guys get your hair done? Cause it's SICK.

Ahh cool Joe, we're so glad you found us on our YouTube Channel! We hope you had a chance to watch all 8 of our episodes of PENSIVE THE BAND NEXT DOOR! Where indeed we have awesome hair LOL ... Now, the question. We get our hair done at Salon 1500 in El Cajon, all the stylists are good!

Answered by Julio

Tyler W. of Phoenix, AZ asks...
Hey guys! My best friend just moved to San Diego about a year ago and has been chillen with you guys lately!! We're all like hella jealous and wanna meet you guys!!! You're all so amazing and she won't stop talking about you and something called the "Pensive Cats"? What are "Pensive Cats"???

Ahh yes, the Pensive Cats! Well the Pensive Cats are a unique sub-group of our Street Team Strictly Pensive! They are an amazing self created manifestation of Pensive mania, what can we say?!? They always paint their faces like cats at Pensive shows, thus the name!

Answered by Patrick

Morgan S. of City, State asks...
If you could pick just one super power to have, what would it be?

Ya know, this is a very, very good question. One that I myself have indeed spent many hours of my own freetime pondering. How can I pick?! Would I like to fly? Or be invincible? Or have the ability to teleport? Or able to move things with my mind? Gosh its hard. I think I'm gonna have to pick flying for now . . . But just for now!

Answered by Patrick

Zach E. of Safford, AZ asks...
Where is your favorite place to play?

Ya know Zach, we have a lot of favorite places to play. Obviously we love playing in our hometown of San Diego but we also love your hometown of Safford as well as Roswell and tons of other towns across the country!

Answered by Patrick

Mandie G. of Cameron Park, CA asks...
What ever happened to Billy and Dave? Not that I don't love Jeremy and Cody but ya know, I'm just curious . . .

Its rather interesting actually. Dave decided to return to his college career to pursue his intellectual pursuits. Billy decided to go into a career in real estate selling mortgages. Probably a bad time for him to make the descion last year since we're now in the middle of a huge econimic downturn, but hey, what can ya do?

Answered by Patrick

Brad B. of Phoenix, AZ asks...
Are you guys gonna be working with Will again on a new record?

As of right now, we have no plans for the next record considering that its still a ways off. Unless we end up doing some LOST style time travel . . . As for Will, well, we'll just have to wait to see what the future holds. We love Will and if given the chance would love to work with him again. No matter what, whenever the next Pensive cd gets made, it'll be beyond epic!

Answered by Patrick

Jordan C. of Julian, CA asks...
What are all your favorite foods?

Patrick: Sushi!
Julio: "Real" Mexican Food when I'm down in TJ!
Jeremy: Buffalo Wild Wings with the mild sauce!
Cody: California Burritos! Who thought of putting french fries in burritos? I love them!

Answered by Patrick

Kory of ????, IN asks...
I heard some of you are from Indiana! Which part?

Well, Cody and Jeremy are indeed both from Indiana and both lived right in the Indianapolis area until we stole them away to sunlit shores of the Pacific!

Answered by Patrick

Mikayla H. of Fresno, CA asks...
Do you guys like traveling or does it get boring? How did the band start? And why does Patrick or Julio always answer the questions?

We love traveling! Sure at times, like when you drive for 13 hours in a day through Texas it might get a bit tedious but those are the rare days. And we've always got tons of South Park dvds to keep us occupied!

There is really only one original story for the band and it goes like this: Julio and Patrick met on the tennis team. Realized they were both into music. Met Jared Marshall also on the tennis team and decided to form a band. Amazingly won the high school battle of the bands, and the rest is history!

Jared left the band and now designs just about everything including our merch designs, the artwork for ARTIFACTS, and this website. (though the website was coded by another former bassist, Sean). A little Pensive trivia.

I don't always answer the questions, but I do a lot of them. If you page through all the questions you'll see some other volunteers LOL!

I tend to take on the band duties that have something to do with writing. ; )

Answered by Patrick

Jordan C. of San Diego, CA asks...
How old is Julio? Its been bugging me and I really wanna know!

Hahaha, Julio is 25 years young ; )

Answered by Patrick

Cindy H. of Bossier, LA asks...
If you could be any female actress, who would it be and why?

Sigourny Weaver of coures! Why? Cause she was freakin' Lt. Ellen Ripley and there isn't anyone cooler than her ; )

Answered by Patrick

Danielle G. of Evansville, IN asks...
Ive just seen you guys Oct. 28 08 at The Internet Cafe at Alysha's 18 B-day, Im the one with the purse that all of you signed. Do you guys Remember me? Because I LOVE you guys!!!! :}

Wow Danielle, thanks for the enthusiasm, and of course we remember you! We love Evansville, we always have a blast there, and Alysha's party was definitely a great time! We'll be back in Evansville in 2009 so watch for us ok?

Answered by Julio

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