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Ani A. of Swindon, U.K. asks...
Will you be touring the U.K. in 2005?

We probably wont be leaving the U.S. on tour until 2006, but if that changes we'll let everyone know immediately. :)

Answered by Web Boy Sean

Emily H. of Fort Smith, AR asks...
What kind of guitars do you play and where do you get them?

Julio plays Fender strats, a Gibson SG, and a Gibson Les Paul. Pat likes Gibson SGs and Gibson Les Pauls. All of the Pensive equipment comes from Guitar Center. :)

Answered by Web Boy Sean

Samantha C. of Long Beach, CA asks...
What do you guys like to do for fun?

Julio: Tennis, ping pong, ice skating and going to movies.
Pat: For fun I like to read or play video games. My current reading project is all of the books relating to Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. That's a total of about 20 books. I guess you could say I'm a little crazy. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy IX too.

Answered by Julio & Pat

Tracey D. of Peoria, AZ asks...
I am just dying to know what Julio has in his hand in the picture on this page!

Ha ha, this question used to make sense! But we changed the picture on the website, so now the answer is "a telephone."

Answered by Julio

Donna S. of Belle Vernon, PA asks...
Is the song Soledad sung in Spanish? If so, what does it mean?

Well, of course, the choruses are in English, but everything else is in Spanish since that is my native language. "Soledad" means loneliness.

Answered by Julio

Jess C. of Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia asks...
What was the first show you ever attended and has it influenced the genre of music you play today?

Blink-182 and Fenix TX at Cox Arena, San Diego in October of '99. Has it influenced the genre of music I play? What do you think? Hehe.

Answered by Julio

Brittany G. of Glendale, AZ asks...
What kind of shampoo does Pat use? He has great hair!

Normally I wouldn't reveal my secrets, but since it's Brittany, I'll let you in. I use Crew Daily Shampoo & Conditioner. ;D

Answered by Pat

Andrea N. of El Cajon, CA asks...
I want to know more about the beginnings of the band.

Even though we put a little bit about this in our F.A.Q., here's some more info. Pat, Jared, and I all met in high school. We had wanted to start a band for while since we were all interested in the same genre of music, but we got really motivated after attending a Battle of the Bands at our school in the Spring of 2000. After that we started practicing pretty much every day and haven't looked back since. If you read all of the F.A.Q. in the band bio, you'll get a little more insight.

Answered by Julio

Anthony R. of San Diego, CA asks...
What IM screen names does Pensive use?

AOL/AIM: PensivePunk
MSN/Hotmail: Pensive_Punk

Answered by Web Boy Sean

Natalie D. of Snellville, GA asks...
If you guys weren't in a band, where do you think you would be right now?

All of the guys answer this question in their personal bios, so go check those out!

Answered by Web Boy Sean

Shandra K. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada asks...
When will you be touring outside of the US?

We're focusing on touring the West Coast first and then we have our sights set on moving east to the rest of the US. Something About the Stars was just released in Japan, so if all goes well, hopefully we'll be touring Japan soon! We hope that our fanbase grows around the world so we can visit other places too!

Answered by Julio

Ashleigh K. of Gainesville, FL asks...
What does Pensive mean?

Lost in deep, meloncholy thought...

Answered by Pat

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